Por qué sabes que es obvio, me enloqueces a cada instante y estás en grabada en mi como un tatuaje. [HAPPINES BEGINS SAGA]


  1. Posted by softiehehe, — Reply

    when my teacher tells me I can't eat crayons

  2. Posted by bipooooooolaaaaar, — Reply

    comentários do Pinterest: ain na minha opinião pessoas ki gostam dizu são uns merda, maix rexpeita minha opiniaum, num quelu biga eu:

  3. Posted by jaqquek, — Reply

    This, but life instead (or Teachers as well-) do y’all have that one or more teacher(s) that y’all have that you just want to yeet into the sun? I have like idk I can’t count how many

  4. Posted by Belushin__07, — Reply

    nmms soy yo cuando se quejan de q soy otaku y kpoper ajajjajajajaajjajajajajajajajjajajajajajaajajjajajajajajj

  5. Posted by bellaa333333, — Reply

    your opinion you can keep ittt😝

  6. Posted by xPhrogiesx, — Reply

    Your opinion, you can keep it.

  7. Posted by aftonhenry19, — Reply

    wait a minute! i dont have opinions so f**k you picture! *puts on mlg glasses*

  8. Posted by kyndalle4169, — Reply

    i wonder where this girl is now lmao

  9. Posted by lauza450, — Reply

    "ai mas miraculous é de criança" Eu:

  10. Posted by Blyat_cho_za_cringe, — Reply

    When my parents say a word-

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